Yung Nation is a 18 year old hip-hop duo from Dallas, Texas formed by Brandon Reed (B. Reed) and Kendall Johnson (Lil Faime). Yung
Nation’s energy, creative rhyme scheme, unpredictable flow, and their indefinable vocabulary have gained the duo a loyal and growing following. Yung Nation has formed what is rarely seen in today’s hip-hop world, a culture. The “Yung Nation” movement is quickly spreading across the nation through the internet. Youths across the globe upload thousands of videos, adding up to over a million views dancing to Yung Nation’s music. B. Reed and Lil Faime are regarded as hip-hop’s next big internet sensation to reach a mainstream audience.


B. Reed was born on December 18, 1992 in Dallas, TX. In his youth, he would spend time in both Louisiana and Texas with his family. Not only was B. Reed into music but he also played basketball. After pick up games he would meet up with classmate and childhood friend Lil Twist (Young Money Artist) on the playgrounds basketball court for an occasional rap battle. At 11, B. Reed met Lil Faime through basketball, both being on the same team. After winning a youth championship game they spit two freestyles, which drove their teammates crazy.


Lil Faime was born on December 31, 1992 in Dallas, TX. Also being a Dallas and Louisiana native, Lil Faime shared many of the same characteristics as B. Reed both showing dedication to basketball and music.


B. Reed and Lil Faime grew in popularity at an early age as members of a popular Dallas hip-hop click, Thugboss Nation. Thugboss Nation is a collective group of artists and within their time with Thugboss Nation, the duo gained many of the loyal followers they have today.The duo decided to venture off on and formed Yung Nation.


Recently Yung Nation released their ‘iYess’ mixtape, which has increased their fan base and allowed them to tour across the Southeast US. Their single “Club Rock (Errbody Rockin)” is one of the biggest songs in the Southeast. “Club Rock” is working its way to radio and is also played by several college bands including Prairie View A&M University and Grambling State University. Their popularity is growing quickly amongst the younger generation. Yung Nation is aiming to bring a new, fun, fresh sound to the music industry.